Ky Chung is an American photojournalist originally from Seoul.  His career has spanned diverse subjects across the globe, documenting the work of international aid organizations and NGO's as well as shooting for corporate and institutional clients involved in technology, media, culture, communications, finance, video production and the music industry.  He currently resides in Paris, France and has spent considerable time in Western Sahara, the Balkans, West Africa and Asia.   

Major Clients:

Google, Boeing, Sony, Avon, Australia's Next Top Model, Country Music Association, Lexington Security Group, Public Systeme Hopscotch, United Nations, UNICEF, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Climate Action, Planete Urgence, Terre Sans Frontieres, Gram Vikas, Eden Center for Disabled Children


Ky's work has appeared on and BBC News and has been reproduced in numerous publications by the United Nations, UNICEF and Greenpeace. His work is featured in two books concerning Kosovo and in various newspapers and magazines. He has collaborated with renowned illustrator Maurice Sendak on a series of children’s books which showcase a combination of photography and illustration.